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Hi Fellow Knitters,

Not too much has happened here in Baulkham Hills in the last few weeks as we are part of the greater Sydney area and therefore we are still in lockdown. We are fortunate that there are two of us living in this house, as we know of many who live alone and are in lockdown. Ferg and I are rigorous in observing all the safety measures. The telephone and zoom are great aids to keeping in touch with the outside world.

The Olympic Games have been a boon to all housebound people. Via TV, we can all find something or someone to bring joy to our lives and a smile to our faces. This is not just with the contests, but also with sidelines about the competetors themselves.

British diver Tom Daley, who won a gold medal last week in synchronized 10-meter platform diving, has taken social media by storm with his knitting during the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The wonderful podcast Fruity Knitting is underway again. After Andrew's sad and untimely death, Andrea has partnered with her daughter Madeline, to present the show. Episode 113 is the most recent. Fruity Knitting is a 90 minute program filled with knitting inspiration from around the world. I have become addicted to it - a happy addiction.

In my July blog I was lamenting about missing The Australian Sheep and Wool Show at Bendigo. Sadly, everyone was set up for the show on the Thursday when Victoria went into lockdown. It must have been chaotic, everyone racing to be out before midnight. Similarly, The Craft Alive group with whom we exhibit, has also had dire times with craft shows beginning, only to require abandonment mid-show. When these shows are able to function normally again, we will all have to support them, to ensure they can get back to a sound economic footing.

Ferg is developing another variation of his Bendigo Box as well as pruning roses and grapevines. As usual I have been working on new baby blanket patterns. I have a promising one underway. Here are my first two baby blankets.

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