Unique Rug-pattern Books and the Romance of Hand-knitted Socks

Hi Fellow Knitters,

My knitting patterns are different from all others. They are unique. Here are two books showing quite different ways to combine textured and lace stitches to create stunning interesting rugs.

The Epping Textured Sampler Knee-rug

This book comprises twelve blocks, each combining a variety of textured stitches. The stitches have been manipulated so they sit square and flat with their neighbours.

Here are the twelve blocks and details for the construction of block 3.

Note that when changing to the Blackberry Stitch you must increase 5 stitches in the first row. Without this, the work would become misshapen - not flat and square.

 A double page makes one block. The stitch library (40 stitches) is on each right-hand page with the left page showing how to put them together.The mathematics and manipulation of stitches has all been done ready for you to create your own masterpiece.

A Taste for Lace

There are fifty-four lace stitches  in this beautiful patchwork style knitting book.  Stitch Library A shows you how to make 25 cm squares. Stitch Library B makes 12.5 cm squares. Stitch Library C features vertical patterns (climbing leaves, candle flames) in 25 cm x 12.5 cm oblongs. Stitch Library D also has 25 cm x 12.5 cm oblongs but these are horizontal patterns. When designing your rug, select your ingredients and mix them to your taste to create your own lovely, lacy Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice Rugs.

The rug shown above is called Licorice Allsorts. Stitch Libraries A, B, C & D have all been used to create this exciting rug. Three oblong blocks have been extended by 50% to add extra variety.

For pictures of more lacy rugs go to PRODUCTS - Rug Pattern Books on the home page of this website.

 Knitting Snippet

The Romance of Hand-knitted Socks

Out of the hell that was Gallipoli, a romance began with a pair of hand-knitted socks. In his book A Fortunate Life Albert Facey tells of receiving a comfort parcel containing a pair of hand-knitted woollen socks. Rolled up in the socks was a note that read "We wish the soldier that gets this parcel the best of luck and health and a safe return home to his loved ones when the war is over". It was signed Evelyn Gibson, Hon Secretary, Girls Guides, Bunbury WA. Some of Albert's mates came from Bunbury so he asked if any of them knew her. They did and said that she was a good-looker and very smart. The socks fitted perfectly.

After the war was over Albert Facey met Evelyn Gibson and they married.

The house Albert built on their farm has been moved into the town of Wickepin in WA and is now a tourist attraction. I visited this house a few years ago. I loved the shady verandahs and some items of homemade furniture - especially the child's highchair.

 Happy Creative Knitting,