Bonny Hills & Blossoms and Bubbles Baby Blanket

Hi Fellow Knitters,

What a mixed-up few weeks it has been. We had been looking forward so much to being away in our caravan at the end of June. It all began well. We set up at Bonny Hills south of Port Macquarie NSW and our friends from Dubbo arrived as planned. We only had a few days there with them. When the new NSW Covid 19 restrictions came in, we had to depart, as we had been in Sydney on Monday 21st June. Alas we had  left Sydney a day too late! Our friends stayed on for the full time.

Sunrise at Bonny Hills and some recorder tutoring. Ferg is on the tenor recorder and Sue on the Descant Recorder.

Sunrise at Bonny Hills and Ferg and Sue playing recorders.

Detail of blossoms and Bubbles Baby Blanket

In those few days at Bonny Hills I completed my second baby blanket. This one is called Blossoms and Bubbles. I had planned to have the pattern available  a week ago. The hold-up was the photos. For my baby blanket patterns I had wanted to always include a baby in the photos. Unfortunately we are still in lock-down and cannot visit our friends with their baby so we are publishing the pattern without Baby Emma. The Blossoms and Bubbles pattern is available as a digital download.

We also have Blossoms and Bubbles kit for this blanket. It contains  500 gms 4ply pure wool yarn, the pattern (four A4 pages) and a Blossoms and Bubbles Project  Bag. After using the project bag to keep your knitting clean and organised, store the precious blanket in it when it is not in use.

Knitting kit for Blossoms and Bubbles Baby blanket - yarn, pattern and project bag.

Our other disappointment because of the Covid 19 lockdown in Sydney, is not being able to participate in The Australian Sheep and Wool Show to be held at Bendigo from 16th to 18th  July. This would have been our first time exhibiting at this show - last year the whole show was cancelled. We visited the show in 2019 to check out if our products would be a good fit for this show, and we were very excited at the prospect of having a stall there. It was a wonderful show. The animals were facinating, the craft stalls were many and varied as were all the other events that contribute to an agricultural show. I was quite taken by this ram with  his property name engraved in his horn. A very handsome fellow.

Merino ram with the word CHARINGA carved into its horn

Yarn boxes for using when knitting and crocheting

Ferg is very disappointed as he had planned to launch his new product at the The Australian Sheep and Wool Show at Bendigo. He has created the beautiful, practical Bendigo Box. I have been using the prototype for a few weeks. I take it with me when travelling and visiting, as my Rotating Yarn Butler cannot be used in all situations. Presently I am using both, as Baby Blanket Three requires the use of two colours at the same time. I sit the Bendigo Box on the floor with the main colour (cream) and the Rotating Yarn Butler on the coffee table with the other colour (1 of 14 popcorn colours).

A tip for using your Rotating Yarn Butler. Wind a few rubber bands around the middle of the butler to make a lump. This holds the yarn higher on the spindle and helps prevent the yarn slipping down between the spindle and the base.