Craft Alive Show, George & Jacaranda

Hi Fellow Knitters,

Ferg and I had the pleasure of meeting many knitters and crafters at the Craft Alive show at Newcastle NSW, 25th - 28th April.

It is a small world. I grew up in Grafton NSW and that is where George (our brother-in-law) still lives. George makes our Rotating Yarn Butlers and Craft Caddies. At shows when people are selecting the particular wood they prefer from our Rotating Yarn Butler range, I often ask if they have been to Grafton during the Jacaranda Festival, as jacaranda wood is one of the range. I show how each item is marked on the base, "George Castrissios, Grafton NSW Australia, then the name of the wood". At Newcastle, this lead to quite a few people saying that they knew George.

Karen said that when she was a toddler, George would toss her in the air to make her laugh. She had been a great friend of, and at school with one of George's and my nieces. She also knows another niece very well as they both now live in the Hunter region.

Thea said that she had been at school with George's daughter Irenenee and is still in touch with her. Thea was with her sister Felicity, who also went to school in Grafton and knows Irenenee's Castrissios cousins.

Many people knew of George because he and his brother Mina owned a cafe in Grafton for many years and of course, many, many people had been to Grafton during Jacaranda Festival time.

This beautiful Craft Caddy is the latest addition to our range of useful craft aids. George uses recycled wood for his products.

I found the choices made at the Newcastle Craft Alive Show, from our Tote Bag range, very interesting. Most people identified with "You know you're a KNITTER when the first thing you pack for a HOLIDAY is your latest project." Second was "In the rhythm of the needles there is music for the soul". Usually, our most popular Tote Bag  is "The weekend forecast is mostly knitting with a chance of wine".

Many of the texts on the Tote Bags can be modified to suit your (or a friend's) particular craft. Instead of KNITTING you can have CROCHET, LACEMAKING, PATCHWORK or another craft. Surprise a family member or a friend with a present of a Tote Bag, tailored to suit her craft and personality. What fun! For special wording, get in touch with us via the Contact Us page, or give us a call on 02 9624 4001.