Joy to All at Christmas Time

Hi Fellow Knitters,

Another interesting year has passed. We hope for a better year next year - wait a moment, didn't we hope for that last year? Well not everything went right, but we can all find many, many wonderful happenings that brought us joy.

We often see that my patterns have been downloaded from countries other than Australia (USA, NZ, UK, Canada, Germany) but as yet nobody has sent photos of finished items to post in our GALLERY. However Betsy from the USA has sent a photo of one of her knitted blankets. Her scrap blanket inspired her to buy my Lorraine Pattern. "I purchased Daphne’s woolen rug pattern (Lorraine) because it looked so similar—or reminiscent—of one I had just completed knitting from scrap yarn." Now let's hope Betsy sends a photo of her finished Lorraine Rug, to add to our GALLERY.

We are hoping to exhibit our wares in as many CRAFT SHOWS as we can in 2022. As well as knitting related products, Ferg will be selling some of his Garden Art  - Scrolled Steel pot plant holders and more.

Let's chat with you at these Craft Shows. Bring any items you have knitted that are my patterns, or inspired by my patterns and let Ferg photograph them. It would be great if our GALLERY photos included a photo of you, the knitter, with your completed project.

When all the hustle and bustle of Christmas and holidays is over OR gets too much, take some time out for YOURSELF.  Gather your latest knitting project and tune in to Fruity Knitting Episode 116. Andrea and Madeline are the hosts and this episode features an interview with KAFFE FASSETT.