December 2020

Β Hi Fellow Knitters,

What a year 2020 has been! We missed a lot of social interaction with our family and friends. We missed mixing and chatting with fellow crafters via the Craft Alive craft shows. However these activities were replaced with more knitting!

I have made great progress on my Baby Blankets. 😊😊😊

Below is a sign I first posted in March. It certainly turned out to be true.

And here is a little bit of good advice via one of our fridge magnets.

Advice for knitters. Stay calm and finish it for next Christmas.


The huge project Ferg and I completed in 2020 was publishing online, The Textured Sampler Blanket. This comprises 20 videos demonstrating the construction of each of the 20 blocks and 52 videos demonstrating 52 stitches used in the blanket. These videos are all free. There is a charge (slightly more than the cost of a cup of coffee) for the 20 patterns for the 20 blocks.

Β I don't have any Christmas projects for you to knit but Arne and Carlos do.

Arne & Carlos Mini Christmas Balls

I'll finish with this wonderful Christmas tree from somewhere in Italy. You have probably already seen it on Facebook, but I think it is well worth another viewing.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New YearΒ 

to you and your Family,

from Daphne & Ferg,

We'll meet again in February, 2021.