Knitting Themed Tote Bags and Domino Knitting

Hi Fellow Knitters,

I am so excited about our new venture into Knitting Themed Tote Bags. As I wrote in my February Blog, I have been interested in collecting cartoons and sayings about knitting for some time. I have used some of these to develop our Knitting Themed Tote Bags.

It took some time to find the finely textured light canvas tote bags on which to print our designs. Ferg and I are thrilled with the results. I hope at least one of our seven designs resonates with you.

The first design below is particularly true for me. We went on a 4 week cruise last year and I confess that I organised my knitting project well before I thought about clothes. I really felt for any passengers on the Diamond Princess who were knitters, had finished their holiday project, and were then cooped up in their cabin because of the Coronavirus. A double whammy disaster!

 The second design was inspired by the TV show Game of Thrones.

Knitting Snippet

My latest rug pattern Tessellations uses the Domino Knitting technique. I have found that some people refer to this technique Mitre Squares. I first met this technique about 20 years ago and it was called Domino Knitting. I keep with this name as it reflects the way the knitted piece progresses. Just as domino tiles are placed to add to previous domino tiles, so too with with the knitted blocks. Each block adds onto and is dependent on previous blocks.

This style of knitting has been common for more than a century in Nordic countries. It had no particular name - it was just a common technique. In the 1990s the Danish knitting guild, Gavstrik, sponsored a competition to give it a name. The winner was Domino Knitting, a fine and amusing name which stuck. (This information I found in Vivian Hoxbro's book Domino Knitting.)

With Domino Knitting continuous decrease I love the way I can knit big items but only be working on a small area with short needles. Try it. It is very relaxing.

Find more examples of Domino Knitting picking ups stitches in my book Squares & Stripes Forever.

Happy Knitting Everyone,