Gansey - traditional jumper for fishermen.

 Hi Fellow Knitters,

Happy New Year! Let's hope that any surprises 2021 has for us, are all pleasant surprises. One lovely surprise for me was a photo of this sculpture, that popped up on Facebook.

Gansey Girl sculpture

The Gansey Girl sculpture depicts a young woman knitting a gansey, the traditional jumper worn by fishermen in the UK. It honours Bridlington's fishing families and was unveiled in 2015 on the East Yorkshire town's north pier. Many fishing families have contributed to the sculpture by placing moulded fish which bear their family names on to the sculpture's plinth.

Artist Steve Carvill, who designed the piece, said: "The stories and lives of the fishermen and their families have been inspiring and I really hope that this piece is enjoyed by local people and visitors alike".

Similar items were also knitted in north western Europe, especially in Holland. For detailed information about Ganseys, just search the internet. There you will find lots of history and also details of Gansey stitches and construction.

I just love these two photos.

Photos of historic Gansey Sweaters.Note the short sleeves - knitted shorter than usual to stop them being soaked with sea water.


Happy Creative Knitting,