FibreFest, French Knitting, Family Treasures

Hi Fellow Knitters,

FibreFest at Singleton was a resounding success. Congratulation to Sharon and all the organisers. The cheerfulness and comraderie shown on the day was truly awesome. Is there a collective noun for a group of people who knit or crochet? Because we use mostly wool could we be a flock of knitters? I would love to hear your suggestions.

Our French Knitting Gift Sets were a great hit at FibreFest! For many customers French Knitting brought back recollections of their youth and now they are about to share those fond memories with their grandchildren. I cannot find out why this tubular knitting is called French. Does anyone know?

Each gift set is packed into an organza bag. The kits contain 1 French knitting man, 1 stitch lifting tool, 50 gms 8 ply wool (2 colours of 25 gms) and1 card (ideas on one side , directions to getting started on the other side).

Rock, Paper, Scissors Needle Ends ignited much merriment at FibreFest. Not only fun, they are also very practical. They fit needles 4 mm to 6.5 mm.

There are 6 in each set. They will be available on 18th November.

Thank you Joan from Glenhaven for sending a photo of your lovely Red Cable Rug. Not only is it beautifully warm as it is pure wool, the colour also emits its own warmth and charm. Check it out in our Gallery.

Why not send a photo of one of your knitted items to share with our Sip Knit Yarn Knitting Community? Sharing is a wonderfully friendly activity - I certainly enjoyed meeting women who had bought my books/patterns at previous shows and shared their knitting journey with me.


Knitting Snippet

This snippet is not about the history of knitting. It is about a present I was given about 42 years ago and a child's vest - so it is a bit of family history. This French knitted coaster was made by my daughter at primary school. It has been on my bedside table ever since. It is a bit tea stained, the sewing cotton has deteriorated a little but the wool is still perfect. Over 70 years ago when my husband was six, his mother knitted this vest for him. It hangs on a coat hanger made by his father.


I'm sure many of you will have equally treasured knitted objects - a knitted doll / toy etc, objects that have no commercial value but are truly priceless.

Happy Creative Knitting,