Fruity Knitting, Shetland Belts, Christmas Trees, Famous Knitters

Hi Fellow Knitters,

I was recently introduced to Fruity Knitting. This is a fortnightly podcast made by two Australians, Andrea and her husband Andrew who live in Germany. When you need a refreshing break, put your feet up, arm yourself with tea or coffee and be prepared to see and hear about knitting around the world. I watched episode 87 which centres around Wool Week in the Shetland Islands.

The content is wide ranging with a collage of highlights of the festival week, stunning scenery, interviews with Shetland crafters, exhibitions and social gatherings.  Lauren (21 years old) comes from a long line of knitters and is featured as Fruity Knitting's Knitter of the World. Meet Wendy, the maker of the famous Burra Bears. Learn from Hazel how to knit using a Shetland Knitting Belt - this comes at 1 hour & 7 minutes into the podcast.

Just google Fruity Knitting and you will find it. The podcasts go for over an hour so you might watch it in sections or change from tea/coffee to something stronger. Hopefully in 2020 I will make time to peruse some of the previous episodes.

Michelle from Galston has sent photos of two of her knitted rugs to our GALLERY. Let her lovely interpretations of two of my patterns (Lorraine's Rug and Almond Shell Cables)  inspire you to create your own versions.

I found this cute French Knitting Christmas Tree on the web. Here is my version.

I made the knitting using one of our French Knitting Machines, threaded it onto a wire spiral made by Ferg, then used a Rotating Yarn Butler draped in clear cellophane, to support it. The decorations are small Christmas earrings.

The tradition of Christmas Trees began in Germany. Queen Charlotte the German first wife of George III, is thought to have introduce the concept of decorated Christmas trees to England in the 1790s. These were more likely to be potted plants small enough to be placed on tables, though still decorated with some sort of lights and ornaments.

You might be thinking, "But I thought Prince Albert introduced the Christmas Tree to Britain". In some ways this is correct as it was popularised by Victoria and Albert. Because they were well-loved by the public, whatever they did tended to become fashionable among the common people. Thus, everybody wanted a Christmas Tree.

Knitting Snippet

Queen Victoria was a prolific knitter. In fact, the reign of Queen Victoria (1837–1901) saw an explosion of all sorts of handwork, including knitting, which coincided with the development of trade with the wool growers.


Many film people knit while waiting between takes, including Marilyn Monroe and Julia Roberts.

Happy Creative Knitting,

and Merry Christmas from Ferg and