George in Greece

Hi Fellow Knitters,

Yay, I have finally finished My Domino Blanket created from mainly left-over yarn. I am sure you know the feeling when a project has lagged and taken longer than expected, and you finally finish it - and are pleased with it. I am keeping this blanket.

It started as a box of assorted variegated yarn and a grand plan for three different size squares. I coloured the squares as I finished them.

I am naming this blanket The De-Stash Stunner.

De-stash Stunner - knitted blanket 

Currently our wood turner George is visiting some of his relatives in Greece on the island of Kythera.

Walk with George as he reconnects with his roots.

Ferg and I have visited Kythera twice in spring time and seen wildflowers growing everywhere - in cracks in walls, among stones and into sandy soil down to the blue Mediterranean Sea. You can smell wild oregano and other wild herbs. Wild goats roam the high hills; they have enormous horns. In the towns the roses are spectacular (no black spot or powdery mildew) and fragrant honeysuckle is rampant. It is lovely to have our memories of happy holidays refreshed by George's visit to his homeland.