New Knitting Stitch videos and ZOOM Sipping, Knitting, and Yarning meet-ups

New Knitting Stitch Tutorials and other news

Hi Fellow Knitters,

I am rather excited by Ferg's and my latest project. We are producing videos to demonstrate a plethora of lovely knitting stitches. We are working through my pattern book, The Textured Sampler Knee-rug. So far we have completed Dimple Stitch, Basketweave Stitch and Seed Pods. We really enjoy working together. I knit, and he does all the techo production. His contribution takes longer than mine! 

All these stitches can be found in my book The Textured Sampler Knee-rug, the Video Tutorials  and free digital downloads Free Knitting Stitch Patterns.

I am hosting Sipping, Knitting & Yarning via ZOOM on Mondays at 7.30 pm and Wednesdays at 10.30 am.  So far we have sister-knitters from QLD , NSW, VIC and ACT. Last week I featured our Dimple Stitch video and we visited The Shetland Yarn Festival. This week I will show the Seed Pods Stitch video and we will visit The Swiss Yarn Festival. The main part of these events is the Yarning - mainly about knitting, knitting tips and solving knitting problems.  All are welcome. Register for Monday evenings or Wednesday mornings on this website then I will send you the details for the link-up.

My Shetland Wool Week and Swiss Yarn Festival videos are 10 minute excerpts from Fruity Knitting. Fruity Knitting is well worth a look. Start at episode 100 where Andrea and Andrew look back over their 4 years of podcasting.

Michelle from Galston has completed another Lorraine's Rug  and entered it into our GALLERY. This one is for her grandson. Find the pattern in Seven Chunky Rugs to Knit is 12 ply

Knitting Snippet

* During the 1940s in the World War 2 era, interest in continental knitting (or knitting with the yarn in one’s left hand) decreased because of its origins in Germany, while English knitting (or knitting with the yarn in the right hand) rose in popularity. While both continental and English knitting are used in Australia, U.S. and England, Japanese knitters usually prefer the continental style and Chinese knitters prefer the English style. Most European countries use the continental style.

  • * The reintroduction of continental knitting into the United States and the rest of the world, is most often associated with Elizabeth Zimmermann. From the 1950s she revolutionised the modern practice of knitting through newsletters, books and a TV series. Her influence is still acknowledged by knitters and designers today. Elizabeth's daughter Meg Swansen is interviewed by Andrea in Fruity Knitting episode 57.

    Happy Knitting Everyone and STAY SAFE,