Charlotte Baby Blanket and Talented Men

Hi Fellow Knitters,

I just had begin this blog post with my latest baby blanket pattern. It is one that makes me smile every time I see it, and it has had a similar effect on all who have seen it so far. It is called Charlotte because I got the inspiration for it from this photograph Kensington Palace released of Princess Charlotte to mark her second birthday. The rug measures 60x80 cms, but because of the lacy pattern, it is quite a light weight. It is perfect as a car capsule rug as well as for bassinettes.

The lace pattern Foaming Waves is very simple to knit and Duplicate Stitch is very straight forward to sew.  The tutorial will guide you.


With Covid 19 restrictions eased it is time to gather with family and friends. We are off next week to the north coast of NSW where both Ferg and I grew up. We still have relatives ups there including George who makes our Rotating Yarn Butlers, Craft Caddies and a new addition to this range, the Knitting Needle Caddy. We were asked by two customers for a caddy to house their knitting needles - George obliged. The Yarn Butlers are best used when they are sitting on a coffee table.

 Knitting Accessories, Rotating Yarn Butlers and craft and knitting caddies

If you take your yarn from the centre of the ball, then one of Ferg's Yarn Boxes is for you. They also suit taking the yarn from the outside of the ball. Yarn boxes can be set on the floor. Ferg also makes an Amish Style Swift. Team a Swift with A Knit Pro Yarn Ball Winder and get 10% off the Swift.

Knitting Accessorie Yarn boxes, Swift, Ball winder

I am very proud of my talented husband Ferg and my talented brother-in-law George.

 Daphne's sign off