Simple Pleasures & Beautiful Balloons

Hi Fellow Knitters,

I imagine most people will have a few things on a to-do list, ready for when we can have greater freedom to leave home at the end of the Covid 19  Lockdown. I am looking forward to dining in a restaurant for lunch on Ferg's birthday - just the two of us. When we can all meet-up we will have a bigger celebration with family and friends.

We did have a lovely little outing a couple of weeks ago for a picnic at Wisemans Ferry. We live at the southern end of the Hills Shire in greater Sydney and Wisemans Ferry is at the northern end, so we had a quite a pleasant drive as well as a picnic by the Hawkesbury River - 100 km round trip.  We met with two friends who ate their picnic at the adjacent table. Simple pleasures!

I have called my latest baby blanket Beautiful Balloons. We are running out of suitable new locations in our house for taking interesting photos of the blankets. For Beautiful Balloons I got rather fanciful and added a few extra props. When Covid 19 is over we hope to take new photos of the blankets with real babies as props. Until then wooden ducks and pot-plants will have to suffice.

Beautiful Balloons knitted baby blanket
The balloons are sewn using Duplicate Stitch. There are eight versions of the balloon clusters. Use my charts or create your own.
Diagram of Duplicate Stitched used to embroider knitted fabric