New Swift, Rotating Yarn Butler Tip, FibreFest 2020

Hi Fellow Knitters,

I am very pleased to have finished knitting and videoing the twenty blocks for The Textured Sampler Blanket KAL. It was a far bigger undertaking than I imagined when we undertook this project. I hope you all like the new stitches I incorporated into the blocks. There are fifty-five different stitches in the 20 blocks. I have made videos demonstrating fifty-three of the stitches. The three stitches I did not make videos for are garter stitch, stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch. I have made a video for each of the twenty blocks showing how to make the stitches fit together so that each block knits up flat and square. All fifty-three textured stitch patterns and twenty tutorial videos for the blocks will be free on this website. There is one extra video showing finishing your blanket. It deals with blocking, joining and shows how to knit the lovely twisted border that is on the original blanket. Ferg is still in the process of editing my videos for the textured stitches and the blanket blocks. We are still posting one new block each week.

In his spare time Ferg has crafted an Amish style Swift. It is made, where  possible, from recycled timber. It packs away into a neat cloth bag. This adjustable swift is perfect for all knitters/crocheters who buy hand dyed yarn in a skein.

George has sent us a new shipment of Rotating Yarn Butlers, containing Camphor Laurel and Silky Oak butlers. We had run out of these two most popular woods. Here is a tip for when you use your Rotating Yarn Butler. Twist a few rubber bands around the centre of the spindle. This will deter the yarn from falling down, and the leading thread becoming tangled between the static base and the rotating base.

We are excited about being featured in the next issue of A Good Yarn, the magazine of the Knitters Guild NSW. Block M of the Textured Sampler Blanket is being published in the magazine (so it is free).

Fibre Fest is online this year. It will lack the atmosphere of a real show. Perhaps you normally enjoy a bus outing with your craft group to Singleton, and sometimes you may  bump into acquaintances you may not have seen for a while. And when you find that one great purchase, well, that really tops off the day. However, it can still be fun to shop from home, maybe while sipping and knitting and yarning with whomever you would normally travel to Singleton with for this occasion. Create your own Fibre Fest event. So join us at Fibre Fest 2020 and receive 10% off all purchases over $20.00.

Poster advertising Fibre Fest 2020 at Singleton on 24th and 25th  October 2020.


 Happy Creative Knitting,