FibreFest at Winbourne, Mulgoa

Hi Fellow Knitters,

I am sure we all feel a little relieved when a project works out as well as one has imagined it would, especially when it is a pattern that only existed in one's head. That is how I feel now that the Easy Entrelac Blanket is finished. Look back to my July Blog to see the genesis of this blanket. The photo below was taken with it on a double bed. It will look even better when it is on a queen sized bed in an all white room. The pattern will be available later this year.

 Entrelac hand knitted blanket

I have now begun a new blanket (of course). It is a free pattern from Bendigo Woollen Mills PT8557. I love the multi-coloured version pictured below, but I need to knit a green toned blanket for a particular room.  With the blue version (that comes with the pattern) I noticed that some of the blocks are not multi-coloured. As I am using Bendigo Bloom Olive Green, I guessed that this would also happen with my blocks. I prefer to have shading on all blocks, so I have increased the size of the blocks from a maximum of 31 stitches to 43 stitches. This makes a 20 cm square. It is working well.

Hand knitted blocks for a large blanket

FibreFest is on again, after an absence of two years because of Covid and La Niña's floods. Located in the Edmund Rice Conference Centre and Retreat in Mulgoa at the foot of the beautiful Blue Mountains, all the features loved and missed over the Covid years will be back. Sip Knit Yarn will be a stallholder on Sunday 16th October.

Ferg and I are looking forward to meeting you at this event.

FibreFest 2022 at windbourne



 Sign off from Daphne at SipKnitYarn