Spring has Sprung

Hi Fellow Knitters,

What says Spring is here, better than this Australian Native Rock Orchid. 

 Australian native orchid in full bloom.

It is one of the more spectacular Australian native orchids in our garden. I was introduced to these by Ferg, who developed his love for them from his father. My mother was a great gardener, but her passion was for roses.

Spring brings ideas for new projects. Now that Ferg has retired he is in a creative mood. He has always been a woodworker and so has many tools in the garage as well as loads of timber left over from projects over the last 50 years. Put them together (Ferg, tools, timber, inspiration), add being married to an avid knitter, and what do you get? Yes, a design for an Amish Style Swift. A prototype has been made and he is now fine-tuning it and he is hopeful of perfecting some by next month. 

Ferg has now added another ten Knitting Stitch Patterns to our website making a total of 32 along with the Knitting Stitch Patterns Tutorials for each stitch - all free.

Now to the new project I mentioned in my blog last month. I am busy sourcing new and interesting textured stitches for the eight new blocks I am adding to The Textured Sampler Blanket. This is mostly a pleasurable undertaking, but it is also frustrating. Some stitches look promising but the repeats are too long. Some spread-out or contract so much that I am unable to marry them together, to achieve flat square blocks. But I do like a challenge and being creative with my knitting. The new blocks will be released as add-ons to the KAL Textured Sampler Blanket.

These are the original twelve blocks.

Thumnails of twelve textured knitting blocks from the Textured Sampler Blanket.

Today is Wattle Day. Why not celebrate by downloading  my Golden Wattle blanket or the Gum Leaves and Gumnuts blanket patterns These patterns are also in the pattern book Seven Chunky Rugs to Knit in 12 ply.

Knitted blanket featuring wattle blossoms and photo of Australian golden wattle.

Happy Wattle Day & Happy  Knitting,