Showcase 1


The Tale of Lorraine's Rug - Where will it end?

1. It all began with Lorraine reducing the size of her stash of left-over yarn. The resulting blanket was a carnival of colour, spilling randomly across the blanket, not contained by the bands of black. After adding black bands along the sides of the panels, at right angles to the panels, she joined them using the three-needle join-up method.


2.  Next came my variation. Added inspiration for me, came from a memory of colourful louvre shutters on windows in the old dock area of Singapore. My colours are restricted by the bands. However, I created kits where the knitter could choose the colour for the bands, the window frames. I almost named the blanket Louvred Windows, but more fittingly, I christened the pattern with the name of the original designer.

3.  Inspiration flowed to Michelle - a new interpretation of Lorraine's Rug was born. First Michelle knitted the panels with charcoal and grey stripes all over. Her finishing touch with fire-engine red bands, resulted in a masterpiece. It drew more oohs and aahs than any other blanket at our knitting group.


4.  Cross fertilisation - I knitted one similar to Michelle's.  I love it.



5.  Michelle was on a roll. Next came two blankets for her grandsons. New colours and one variation with the red/orange blanket - no bands - just a continuous ladder.


6.  Lorraine's Rug has come full circle. Lorraine has knitted another blanket similar to her first but not quite.


7. Where will Lorraine's Rug go next? I would love to know. Have you knitted your own variation or completed one of my kits? If so, please send a photo and I will add it to our GALLERY, then it can be shared with our sisters-in-knitting - The Sip Knit Yarn Community.