Showcase 2

Hi Fellow Knitters

Stripes must be one of the most versatile styles used in knitting. Using up left over yarn?  Knit stripes. Want to create a joyous blanket? Knit stripes. Experimenting with colour? Knit stripes. Knit the blanket in one piece, knit it in panels or knit it in blocks, all great design techniques. Random or carefully crafted, they are always a winner. Here are some stunning examples using stripes. Be inspired by the techniques in my pattern book Squares & Stripes Forever.

1. Diagonal Delights: Shafts of colour sloping through the blanket. Knit two rows of each colour (garter stitch) and the colours will blend. Still with two rows of each colour, knit three rows, then one purl row and a garter ridge rises above a furrow of stocking stitch.

2. Zig-zags: Alternate left sloping panels with right sloping panels and voila, you have Zig-zags. Add variety with a band of a favourite stitch or two.


3. Stripes Within Blocks: Big or little blocks? Stripes all the way, or finish each block with a patch of blue. Punctuate a predictable striped blanket by adding a bobble.


 I hope this has inspired you to get into your stash and start producing wonderful, cosy blankets for your friends and loved ones.

Happy Creative Knitting,