Hi Fellow Knitters,

The Epping Textured Knee-rug was the first blanket pattern I designed to share with others. I had just joined the Knitters' Guild NSW, Epping Group and my knitting gene was on fire. Here are my first two versions of this blanket pattern.


 All those who knitted my pattern put their own spin on it.


1.  Collen knitted a rainbow.
2.  Jill used a variety of alpaca yarns.
3.  Susan used only five colours.

4.  Irene chose jewel colours.
5.  Helen used one colour for each block.
6.  Hazel joined with white yarn.


7.  Wendy mainly kept to mid tones.
8.  Maria used only left-over yarn.
9.  I knitted another one in all-over cream.

The newest interpretations are from Julia and Leone. See more of these two gorgeous blankets in the GALLERY section of this website.

 Have you knitted this pattern? I would love to hear from you and to see the result. Send a photo and I will add it to our GALLERY.

Happy Creative Knitting,