Creative Knitters of the World

Hi Fellow Knitters,

With the lock-down easing I have been out and about a little. This has curtailed the time available for knitting but I have still managed to knit thirty-two samples of textured stitches along with making the how-to videos for this website. Ferg has edited and posted eleven videos so far on our Knitting Stitch Patterns Tutorials page. Watch these video tutorials and check for the remainder that will be posted in the coming weeks - some stitches are ridiculously easy, most are easy and a few are of middling difficulty. All the stitches relate to The Epping Textured Sampler Knee-rug. Download the free stitch patterns.

How about you? What have you finished knitting this last month? How about sharing with your sisters-in-knitting. Send a photo and I will load it into our GALLERY.

Under the heading BLOG on our homepage I have added a new type of blog. It highlights a particular SipKnitYarn product. The first features the knitting pattern Lorraine's Rug. Find the pattern in the book Seven Chunky Rugs to Knit in 12 ply or download the individual pattern Lorraine's Rug.


Showcase 1: Lorraine's rug has morphed - Where will it end? Follow the path taken by the blanket pattern Lorraine's Rug, from its concept, through various twists and turns as knitters modify it to make it truly their own creation.

Knitting Snippet

This last month friends have sent me links to a couple of extraordinary knitters and fibre artists. I would like to pass them on to you.

Andrea Love is an independent animator based in Port Townsend, WA. Cooking with Wool, Breakfast, is just one of many wonderful fibre animations. There are many, many more. You're in for a treat.


Brighton, England-based textile artist Kate Jenkins has been recreating veggies, seafood, and other favorite foods in wool for the last 12 years. Jenkins got her start in knitwear design, but has begun to focus on knitting feasts rather than fashions. For inspiration Jenkins knits or crochets from life, always purchasing the food she plans on recreating for accurate scale and texture.


A Knitted Bakery created by Kate and displayed at the Handmade Festival in Barcelona in May 2019. All knitted, using about 30kg of yarn!

Happy Knitting Everyone and STAY SAFE,