Tulips finished, Entrelac started

Hi Fellow Knitters,

Once again we are in the middle of  horrendous weather.  I grew up in Grafton and Ferg grew up in Casino, both towns in northern NSW, so as children we both experienced floods. However the present floods in NSW are far more catastrophic than the ones we knew. We hope that all victims of the floods find the support they need to rebuild their lives.

Ferg and I will be at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo next week. We are in the Noble Pavilion at site 161. Find our SipKnitYarn stall near one of the entry/exits.

Australian Sheep and Wool Show, Bendigo 2022

I have finished my 3 kg Tulips monster queen-sized blanket, knitted in one piece. It is certainly a pattern to knit in winter, as one needs to drape in over oneself while working on it - very cosy and warm. I am happy with the finished product, and more importantly so is the recipient. In the photo, it is displayed on a double sized bed.

 Knitted blanket Tulips pattern

Now on to the next blanket. Ever since I saw an Entrelac technique jumper knitted by my sister-in-law Jean, back in the 1970s, I have wanted to  do something using this technique. It looks so complicated, so I have been pleasantly surprised at how straight forward Entrelac is to knit.

Having just finished a blanket all knitted in one piece, I did not want to do another so soon. The blanket I have designed uses the same panel layout as in  Lorraine's Rug.


This comprises panels divided into windows. In Lorraine's Rug the windows are different colours, but in this new version, the windows are all worked in shaded colours using the Entrelac technique. The dividing bands in Lorraine's Rug are worked in garter stitch but this new version uses stocking stitch. I have knitted Lorraine's Rug many times and have loved all the colour variations I used for the dividing bands.

 entrelac knitting technique

The Entrelac test sample uses Bendigo Woollen Mill's Bloom 8 ply in the colour Rust. For my Entrelac blanket I am using Bloom in the colour Capri. Capri is not as colourful as Rust, but I am hoping to get an interesting effect from the all-over  shading. I am knitting it for a specific room which is very prettily decorated using only white and blue.

I have had plenty of knitting time in the last few days, as my gallbladder had a sudden emergency last week. It had been giving me problems for a few years so I was glad to say good riddance to it, and leave it behind at the hospital. On returning home I had nothing more important to do than work out my new pattern and get started on it. Sometimes I think that the planning of a new project and the anticipation of seeing it finished, are the best parts of knitting.