CRAFT ON in troubled times

 Hi Fellow Knitters,

Back in February I wrote that  the Summer of 2019/20 was a Summer that we would never forget because of fires, extreme heat and low rainfall. Little did I realise that Covid-19 was on its way to Australia to threaten the whole of Australia. We will surely remember the whole of 2020 as an annus horribilis. My family and I are all still well and I hope you and yours are well, and stay well too.

We had planned to travel to WA with our caravan this week but of course that is off. Also off, are all the craft shows up to the end of June. Nobody knows if any will be on from July onwards. Let's hope so.

CraftAlive is planning to host a virtual craft show called The Great Australian Craft Show. It will run from 9.30am Saturday 4th April, to 4pm Tuesday 7th April 2020. We are contributing to this happening, with a  five minute video showing some of our goodies. To find the event go to where the home page will direct you to The Great Australian Craft Show.

Ferg and I are staying home 99% of the time. A weekly trip to our small local supermarket is all we need to sustain us. I mainly read and knit. Ferg has a new interest - metal-working. Here is his first finished project. The pink honeysuckle draped through it was transplanted from elsewhere. It was quite difficult untangling it from its previous support.

On a lighter note: Earlier this year Ferg and I went to Mudgee with friends to take part in the Annual Footcrush at Robert Stein's Winery. A riotous time was had by all while crushing the grapes, followed by a wonderful degustation dinner with each course complimented with an appropriate wine.

I  wonder if there are any Indie Dyers out there who use crushed black grape liquid to dye yarn? The must is certainly a luscious colour.

Another light note: Some friends from Dubbo came to stay with us, to pick up their new car, bringing with them a ten pack of toilet paper. This is not the time for chocolates or flowers for the hosts.

Craft on in Troubled times

I have been pondering the plight of people who do not have what is commonly called a HOBBY. I put HOBBY in capital letters as all crafters know the real importance of their craft activity. At times like these, hobbies are so important to the well-being of people. There is only so much TV that one can watch, books you can read, gardening, cleaning of cupboards/sheds and with self-isolation, limited physical activity. Planning and executing a project may fulfill mental, spiritual and sometimes physical needs.  So no matter what your craft is, let it smooth your path through these troubled times, and lead you and your loved ones out the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will end!


I love the way people come up with serious and comic replies to dark times.

Happy Knitting Everyone and STAY SAFE,