Betsy, inspired by Lorraine's Rug

Mosaic knitted blanket

I purchased Daphne’s woolen rug pattern (Lorraine) because it looked so similar—or reminiscent—of one I had just completed knitting from scrap yarn.  I used three strands of fingering weight yarn throughout:  black for the main color and contrasting random strands of fingering weight colored yarns left over from having knit many, many pairs of socks.  The contrasting colors/stripes were also made of three different sock yarn strands held together.  I was very pleasantly surprised about how all the squares blended together nicely.  

Although the blanket is heavy, being comprised of 120 separate 5-1/2”squares crocheted together, it didn’t really make a significant dent in my leftover sock yarn stash!  So, I guess there may be more of these in my future, although I’m thinking of modifying it somewhat so that I don’t have so many small squares to crochet together.  Daphne’s woolen rug gave me inspiration for another.  I’ll send you pictures if and when I complete the next one.  In the meantime, here are some pictures of the one I have finished this fall.  You are welcome to use it in your gallery if you wish.
This was a good time of the year here in the Pacific Northwest to knit such a heavy item.It kept me warm as cooler weather gradually arrived!
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Vancouver, Washington, USA 98660
PS.  I love how our knitting community spans the globe!!

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