Knitting Stitch Pattern Tutorials

A moderate stitch pattern uses a cable needle.
Create large easy bobbles.
An easy two row pattern.
An easy textured pattern giving hump texture.
A very easy centre piece stitch pattern.
Moderately difficult with much cabling.
Unusual stitch pattern. Moderate difficulty.
Stocking stitch with simple gather.
An easy double sided stitch pattern.
A really easy, double sided stitch pattern.
An easy stitch pattern using slip stitches.
Use slip stitches in this stitch pattern.
A very easy stitch pattern - knit and purl only.
An easy eight row pattern producing small bobbles.
An easy four row pattern. It has knitting stitches together.
An easy stitch pattern with knitted bobbles.
A moderate pattern that includes knitted bobbles.
A moderately simple, neat all over pattern
A moderate level pattern that includes using a cable needle.
A very easy, four over four stitch, single cable.