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Welcome to Sip Knit Yarn. Here you will find plenty of patterns and ideas all about knitted blankets. If you are stuck in a rut with your knitting, let my patterns lead you to new creative adventures. Treat your family and friends with hand crafted rugs - the results of your passionate knitting.

From the age of nine I have always been a creative knitter. First were interesting creations for dolls. This gave way to practical items for family members. Now free from needs based articles, I am able to give free rein to my imagination and so fashion gorgeous original knitted rugs and blankets that I would like to share with you. With the advent of this Sip Knit Yarn website, you too can share my patterns and start on your own rug-making journey.

In 2013 I joined The Knitters Guild NSWTheir enthusiasm and camaraderie inspired me to create A Block per Month Rug for the group. The Epping Textured Sampler Knee-rug  is the result.

My husband Jeff (always known as Ferg) and I began selling  products via the CraftAlive craft shows in NSW and Victoria, Australia. We needed more products so our brother-in-law George was drafted into the business, making beautifully detailed, practical Rotating Yarn Butlers. George was born on the Greek island of Kythera and now lives in Grafton NSW. We have lately added Craft and Knitting Needle Caddies to his range.

Ferg has also got creative with his woodwork. He has designed and made an Amish Style Swift and some Yarn Boxes. The larger Yarn Box is for the 200 gm Bendigo balls of yarn. When I knit using two colours, I have a Yarn Box on the floor and a Rotating Yarn Butler on a coffee table.


Ferg nurtures my talents and is pivotal to the production of the books and to this website. His skill with the camera and aesthetic framing of all pictures enhances the practical lay-out of all the rug patterns. He is also chief sounding board for all of my endeavours and proof reader for all the books.

The infinite spectrum of wool colours, from delicate to bold, is my palette. Stitch pattern books are tools to be used as the genesis of new compositions. I have been through periods of mixing and matching stitches, working twists and cables and getting lost in the spidery tracery of lace knitting.

 My most recent (2021) designs are all Baby Blanket patterns. They have been published in my new book Daphne's Best Baby Blankets. These patterns are also  available to download.

I would like to share my Knitting Family with you - Knitting Daughters, Knitting Granddaughters and Ferg with Grandson (recipients of rugs). I love spreading my rugs around with family, friends and charities.

Join or start a knitting group and you too will enjoy Sipping, Knitting, and Yarning. Be inspired to become the fairy godmother who bestows on family and friends gorgeous rugs, knitted with love.

Happy Knitting,


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