Online Sipping, Knitting and Yarning

What is Online Sipping, Knitting and Yarning?

An Invitation from Me to You

I really enjoy knitting, and this pleasure is enhanced by knitting, nattering and sharing with others who also enjoy knitting. Some knitters do not have easy access to getting with others to enjoy this companionship, and some can never get too much.

I am inviting you to a Sipping, Knitting and Yarning Online get-together that I am hosting using video conferencing via the internet. We can have a cuppa and yarn about what we are making, and help each other with hints and techniques.

I call it Online Sipping, Knitting and Yarning. The online meet-ups will use Zoom and I will forward the Zoom meeting link to those who register. The meet-ups will be limited so all participants can be viewed simultaneously on a computer screen.

My strong interest is knitted blankets, so expect something here. I will also show what I have been designing and we can discuss any items of interest. And let me know any ideas of what might be included. Register to join in.

So, whoever, wherever you are, unite with internet-sister knitters. Feel free to spread the word throughout Australia, by letting your knitting friends know all about it. It will be fun to see how wide ranging our groups can be.


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