Textured Knitting Stitch Patterns

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To download the free Knitting Stitch PDF patterns, tap on the stitch name.

One of three things will happen depending upon the settings in your web browser.

  1. The PDF will open in a new window or browser tab. You can view the pattern and then save it from the viewer if you wish.
  2. The PDF will be saved automatically into the default Downloads folder on your system.
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1. Dimple Stitch pattern.
2. Basketweave Stitch pattern.
3. Mossy Twist Stitch pattern.
4. Seed Pods Stitch pattern.
5. Mock Honeycomb Stitch pattern.
6. Bobble Circles Stitch pattern.
7. Boxed Bobble Stitch pattern.
8. Blackberry Stitch pattern.
9. Popcorn Stitch pattern.
10. Diamond Stitch pattern
11. Scallop Stitch pattern.
12. Blind Buttonhole Stitch pattern.
13. Mistake Rib Stitch pattern.
14. Pennants Stitch pattern.
15. Bubble Stitch pattern.
16. Checkerboard Bows Stitch pattern.
17. Celtic Cable Stitch pattern.
18. Humber Star Stitch pattern.
19. Nessie's Humps Stitch pattern.
20. Rick Rack Rib Stitch pattern.
Bobbles knitting stitch sample using orange yarn. 21. Bobbles Stitch pattern.
Scalloped Squares knitting stitch sample using orange yarn. 22. Scalloped Squares Stitch pattern.
image of Garter Stitch Diamonds knitting stitch.
23. Garter Stitch Diamonds Stitch pattern.
Close up image of Four Stitch Check knitting stitch in green. 24. Four Stitch Check Stitch pattern.
Butterfly Knitting stitch showing gathered slip stitches to form the butterfly wings. 25. Butterfly Stitch pattern.
Close up image of Smocked Honeycomb knitting stitch pattern 26. Smocked Honeycomb Stitch pattern.
Closeup image of Hazelnut Stitch pattern knitted in red yarn. 27. Hazelnut Stitch pattern.
Closeup Image of Eiffel Tower knitting stitch. 28. Eiffel Tower Stitch pattern.
Moss Stitch Diamonds knitting stitch close up view. 29. Moss Stitch Diamonds Stitch pattern.
Sandy Lines knitting stitch closeup view. 30. Sandy Lines Stitch pattern.
Garland Stitch closeup view. 31. Garlands Stitch pattern.
Fisherman's Rib image in bright green clearly showing rib stitches. 32 Fisherman's Rib Stitch pattern.
Closeup image of Honeycomb Knitting Stitch 33. Honeycomb Stitch Pattern
Closeup image of Granite Ridges Knitting Stitch in pink. 34. Granite Ridges Stitch Pattern
Daphne's Ribbed Garter Stitch Pattern in closeup view. 35. Daphne's Ribbed Garter Stitch Pattern
Close up of Moss with Twisty Bands knitting stitch. 36. Moss with Twisty Bands Stitch
Close up of Flower Garden knitting stitch 37. Flower Garden Stitch
Close up of Sweetheart knitting stitch
38. Sweetheart Stitch
Close up of Ladder Stitch knitting sample 39. Ladder Stitch
Close up of Scallop Shells Stitch pattern.
40. Scallop Shells Stitch
Arrow Darts knitting stitch pattern close up image 41. Arrow Darts Stitch
Bee Stitch image knitted with bright green yarn 42. Bee Stitch
Puff Stitch Check knitting closeup view. 43. Puff Stitch Check
Zigzag Chevron knitting stitch in close view. 44. Zigzag Chevron Stitch
Row of Flowers knitting stitch shown in blue close view. 45. Row of Flowers Stitch
Orange yarn knitted into Slipped Slip Stitch Rib knitting sample. 46. Slipped Stitch Rib
Stocking Stitch Ridge knitting stitch in close view. 47. Stocking Stitch Ridge
Closeup of knitted sample showing Scallop Stitch Tiles knitting stitch pattern. 48. Scallop Stitch Tiles
Dandelion Flowers knitting stitch sample. 49. Dandelion Flowers Stitch
Closeup image of Leafy Rib knitting Stitch 50. Leafy Rib Stitch
French Plait knitting stitch close up image 51. French Plait Stitch
Loose Lattice knitting stitch in close up. 52. Loose Lattice Stitch

     Each knitting stitch has an accompanying video tutorial.