Knitted rug pattern using Almond Shell cables. Rug displayed draped over chair.
Knitted blanket pattern using Almond Shell cables. Closeup of cable and twist.

Almond Shell Cables

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The pattern is a digital download in pdf format.

The four panels of  Almond Shell cables  rest on a background of Reverse Stocking Stitch.

  • The cables are linked with two twists
  • Cables are filled with a twisted stitch for texture
  • The borders are Rick-rack Rib

Tip: Join the panels with crochet zig-zag chain to echo the Rick-rack Rib.

The rug measures 160cm x 90cm. It uses 1200g of 12 ply yarn (Bulky USA, Chunky UK) and is knitted on 6mm needles.

This pattern is also published in the Seven Chunky Rugs pattern book.

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