Cover image of knitting pattern book featuring textured knitting stitches. Twelve textured blocks of multiple stitches and colours are combined into a textured knitted blanket.
Twelve textured knitted blocks that together form the textured Epping knee rug.
The Epping textured knee rug draped over a chair.
The Textured Epping knee rug featuring the beautiful cable pattern edging. The rug is draped over a chair.
The Textured Epping knee rug knitted in all pale cream wool.
The Textured Epping knee rug pattern book sample pages 12 and 13.

Textured Sampler Knee-rug

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This is the rug that re-invigorated my knitting gene.
I had joined a knitting group  and their enthusiasm and camaraderie inspired me to create A Block per Month Rug for the group. This book is the result.

  • Twelve colourful textured blocks all knitted in 8 ply yarn (DK/Light Worsted)
  • 45 textured stitches

Tip: This is a great rug for using lots of left-over yarn.